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Home, business, and land owners who want to make changes to their properties whether it is seeking new sewer service, relocating sewer system materials- i.e.basins, disconnecting sewer service, or building/moving buildings about on their property can find the necessary PLAWCS forms on this website needed to secure PLAWCS approval.

If you are:

  • selling your property

  • building a structure on your property

  • re-locating a structure on your property

  • wanting to build a new sewer system

  • wanting to move sewer materials- i.e. a basin or lines

  • wanting to discontinue sewer service

  • digging anywhere near potential sewer materials and/or easements

  • reconnecting to the PLAWCS system

  • applying to St. Louis County for a land use permit, conditional use permit, or variance permit


contact PLAWCS AND/OR complete the necessary application under our Property Owner Information tab and submit the application and fee (if required) to PLAWCS. Failure to do so might result in a delay/denial of your PLAWCS or St. Louis County application(s) and/or result in you being responsible for unapproved expenses related to unapproved work. 


Note of Importance: The PLAWCS Joint Powers Board meets once a month. If your application needs their approval, it will be held until the next regular board meeting.

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